Aker BioMarine videos

Our Exclusive Eco-Harvesting Method

Take a look how we use Eco-Harvesting in the most sustainable and efficient way in the purest waters on earth, almost eliminating by-catch!

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Superba Krill videos

The exclusive story of Superba Krill

Take a journey directly to it's origin, the particular health benefits and a view on sustainability.

Superba Krill: from Catch to Capsule

Join us on the sustainable, traceable journey of an exclusive omega-3 ingredient from Antarctica. 

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Qrill Aqua videos

QRILL Aqua: The Full Value Chain

Sustainability the whole way, with full traceability. All for providing the best quality. Here is Qrill Aqua's journey from Antarctica to you.

Our Value Chain: The Krill Fishery

See the krill fishery in action in Antarctica and learn how we minimize by-catch using our exclusive Eco-Harvesting technology.

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Qrill Pet videos

QRILL Pet in 60 seconds

Enjoy 1 minute of Antarctic Krill and learn about the key benefits of this unique ingredient. 

World champions powered by QRILL Pet

Two times world champion Team Sigrid Ekran: Watch how her high performance dogs benefit from krill. 

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