Only the best is good enough for man's best friends.

The effects of QRILL Pet

QRILL Pet has many nutritional and health benefits for pets. Learn more about the scientifically documented effects in our latest animation.

The journey of QRILL Pet

Join us on a journey to the origin of QRILL Pet and learn more about the benefits for your pet food and pets around the world.

5 benefits of our functional marine ingredient

Find out how you can enhance your pet food brand with QRILL Pet, offering not only 1, but 5 major benefits. 

Is QRILL Pet a sustainable marine ingredient?

How sustainable is QRILL Pet? We explain you why our functional marine ingredient is one of the most sustainable marine ingredients for pets.

The importance of choline for dogs

Our Director, Tonje Elisabeth Dominguez for Specialty Animal Nutrition Products talk about the importance of choline.

The art of saying YES

The full story behind the reason why our CEO, Matts Johansen took on the challenge to compete in a 200 km long distance dog sled race. 

Aker BioMarine's CEO competing at his first dog...

When you choose to sponsor the world's first professional dog sled team, you get challenged to try the sport yourself. See how our CEO, Matts Johansen...

QRILL Pet på 60 sekunder

Lær om de unike fordelene av QRILL Pet på 60 sekunder.

QRILL Pet in 60 seconds

Enjoy 1 minute of Antarctic Krill and learn about the key benefits of this unique ingredient. 

Mush Synfjell Trailer 2.mp4

CEO of Aker BioMarine is getting ready to compete for the first time in a dog mushing race of 200km.

Interview with Thomas Wærner

Watch our interview with QRILL Pet Mushing Team member Thomas Wærner to find out his ambitions for the team and for the 2019 season.

Interview with Marit Beate Kasin

Watch the interview with our QRILL Pet Mushing Team member Marit Beate Kasin. See what's her ambitions for 2019.