Superba Krill videos

Highway-To-Cell with phospholipid omega-3s

Krill oil's phospholipid bound omega-3s are transported effectively to it's destination in the body, unlike fish oil which needs to be converted into ...

The difference between Krill oil and Fish oil

Watch as Dave Foreman, the Herbal Pharmacist demonstrates why there is no fishy aftertaste with krill oil omega-3 supplements.

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Qrill Aqua videos

Shrimp animated movie English

Shrimp fed with Krill have many benefits. Check out this video to see exactly how Krill impact on shrimp health, quality and cost.Full version. All ch...

QRILL Aqua: The Full Value Chain

Sustainability the whole way, with full traceability. All for providing the best quality. Here is Qrill Aqua's journey from Antarctica to you.

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Qrill Pet videos

The importance of choline for dogs

Our Director, Tonje Elisabeth Dominguez for Specialty Animal Nutrition Products talk about the importance of choline.

The art of saying YES

The full story behind the reason why our CEO, Matts Johansen took on the challenge to compete in a 200 km long distance dog sled race. 

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